Apple to make smart iPhone cases that will become stronger when dropped – Times of India

Apple has got a new patent which allows it to make a new smart case that will detect motion and can change material composition. The case will use electro-mechanical material and when it detects a fall the case will harden itself automatically to protect your iPhone. There is no prototype available yet and the company has just registered a patent.
“Utilizing active electro-mechanical materials to protect portable electronic devices from impact, such as caused by a drop event. In some embodiments, the active electro-mechanical materials may be incorporated in protective cases.,” as per the patent.
So, the regular iPhone battery case which comes with the connector as well will be able to protect your iPhone as well in case there’s a nasty fall.
The patent details further adds that “the active electro-mechanical materials may be utilized as seals or gaskets while also preventing and/or minimizing moisture and air ingress into the portable electronic devices. In particular, the active electro-mechanical materials may be utilized to adapt an amount of damping (e.g., damping coefficient, etc.) required to sufficiently protect these portable electronic devices.”
Meanwhile, Apple has also filed a patent for an iPhone with an all-glass body and a touchscreen covering the phone body both at the front and the back. If Apple is focusing on making iPhones with glass then a smart case may make sense. However, for a smartphone that has a touchscreen on both front and back, it would be interesting to see how a case comes handy at all.
As for the all-glass iPhone, it would be touch sensitive both on the front and the back surfaces and can display images, icons and other information. The patent is titled Electronic Device With Glass Enclosure and as per the abstract, would be an electronic device that includes a six-sided glass enclosure. “The electronic device further includes a touchscreen display within the interior volume and positioned adjacent at least a portion of each of the six sides of the six-sided glass enclosure.”

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